Helping Knoxville Businesses with an Expanded Metro Fiber Network

Knoxville Expanded Metro Fiber NetworkChallenge your fiber networks knowledge:

Question: How many colors are used for the jackets of each fiber running through an optical fiber cable?

Answer: 12 (blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, violet, rose and aqua)

Most people like the addition of color, but when you're in Tennessee Volunteers territory, there is only one color: ORANGE! So, when all-orange fiber was suggested for our expanded deployment to Knoxville, the University of Tennessee's flagship campus, the engineering team responsible for installation wisely advised against it. All orange wasn't in the picture, but our network upgrade and expansion in one of America's great college towns was a great opportunity to support the growing economic powerhouse that Knoxville has become.

The area is one of the country's fastest growing, and CNN Money ranks it as one of the five best cities for small business. Given the region's Innovation Valley Initiative – which leverages the University of Tennessee strengths, the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge facilities, and countless other innovative companies – the area has invested more than $1.5 billion in capital and created thousands of new, high-paying jobs.

Being part of that growth, the community responded to Windstream's investment. Here's what Joel Reeves, associate vice chancellor and chief information officer at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, had to say:

"The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has incredibly complex communications needs. We have 8,000 faculty and staff members who serve more than 28,000 students, all of whom need and expect highly reliable voice and data services when they are on campus. Windstream's expansion of its local fiber and fixed wireless infrastructure will improve the quality and breadth of services available to all business and organizations in Knoxville, including us. It will also drive additional competition that will benefit the entire community."

Key to expansion, Windstream's fiber and fixed wireless investment enables more local data centers and commercial buildings to connect to our high-speed, highly-available, nationwide fiber network. This is great news for local businesses that rely on connectivity and service to run their business with sound performance, improved productivity and lower operational costs. We will further support Knoxville business as develop and deliver a broader range of services that solve the everyday challenges of today's business customer. This means Knoxville-area customers can leverage solutions such as UCaaS, SD-WAN and Diverse Connect along with voice and data services, including VoIP access, SIP trunking, MPLS, dedicated high-speed Internet, managed services, cloud computing, and network security services--all provided with the support of a truly local team.

This expansion is part of a multi-million-dollar initiative to grow our advanced metro fiber networks in cities across the country. In addition to our Knoxville, we're expanding metro fiber networks in several other cities, including Charlotte, Nashville, Richmond, Little Rock and Atlanta.