IT Technology Tips for Small Business


Small Business Tech Tips

Collaboration. Productivity. Mobility. Security. Social media. No doubt about it: these topics are hot right now. And the technologies that make these possible are just as hot. But keeping up-to-date on all of the advances and changes often poses a real challenge for business owners.

Fortunately, we’ve added another installment of our Small Business Blog series to keep you on top of the action. Because we understand how to customize a sound technology strategy to help your business succeed. Whether your goal is to control costs, grow your business, or improve operations—or maybe all of those—we get it.

And then once you have all that down, you gotta somehow shout your message to the world, right? We get that, too.

So, let’s start with the basics—go with what you know. Ask yourself the following questions to help determine whether or not what you’ve got in place today is doing its job.

  1. What do you do best and is your current solution supporting you?

    As your business grows and changes, technology should either adapt or be replaced. It’s all about scalability, which means your solutions should not only meet your current needs, but they should be ready to grow when you are.

    Take a look at this Serenity Hospice case study. After Hurricane Katrina hit, this small medical facility needed a reliable solution, at an affordable cost. Understanding your business needs, as well as planning for future growth—well, that’s just one of the things we do well.

  2. What’s your day like, with your current set-up?

    You own your business—no one knows better than you how you’re office is using the technology at hand. With the right Unified Communications (UC) solution, you’ll be able to integrate a variety of communication applications, from instant messaging to web conferencing, increasing and enhancing collaboration efforts for your team. In other words, you’ll have that “everywhereness” factor you’re looking for.

    (Sounds cool, huh?)

  3. What about the “cloud”? What is it and why would you want it?

    The “cloud” is just as awesome as you think it would be, with a list of benefits, including lower IT infrastructure costs, more comprehensive management of IT resources and organizational flexibility. Whether it’s payroll, billing or workforce management, take a look at your valuable data and business functions to determine which would be better suited for the cloud.

    If you’re like many small business owners, your “IT staff” is you. (Cloud = fewer headaches for you.)

  4. No Business Continuity plan? Don’t panic (but do pay attention.)

    You probably have some sort of data you’d like to keep safe and secure, backed up just in case, right? Let’s get that taken care of with a Wireless Data Backup solution. Really, don’t panic. But go ahead and get this taken care of (ASAP as possible.)

  5. Your story isn’t going to share itself, so let’s get started.

    Blogging, social media, infographics, video—they’re all hot and are only getting hotter. But for most of us, they’re all overwhelming.

So take a deep breath and pick one of these if you haven’t started. We’re all over web hosting, but why not take it a step further and learn how to maximize your Twitter presence?

You’re probably on Facebook already, but why not switch it up a bit and try your hand at blogging? Ask your team for a list of topics, set up a basic editorial calendar, get your first few draft going and BOOM – Tweet your blog links! Then sit back and watch your Twitter feed go crazy! (Don’t worry—just click here for tips on compelling content.)  

It boils down to this: technology can be the catalyst to help you boost your business goals. No matter if it’s equipment, service, or new marketing tactics, technology is the foundation.

Windstream offers dependable data, voice, network and cloud services, but most importantly, we’ve got the winning team that delivers the “smart solutions, personalized service” your business needs for success. To learn more about our customized options for small businesses, connect with a trusted Windstream advisor.

(And while we still have you, check out for more great tips for small business owners.)