Windstream's New Super-Fast, High-Capacity Solution Increases Network Capacity by a Factor of 10!


For large businesses that routinely transmit large quantities of data over the Internet, speed is the name of the game. For smaller businesses, too. We get that at Windstream—that’s why we are deploying a one-of-a-kind, super-fast, high-capacity solution across our long-haul network that will deliver all the bandwidth our customers need.

Let me get geeky for just a minute.

Our long-haul network connects major cities, like Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia. What we are deploying across that network is the Infinera DTN-X platform, which features 500 Gigabit per second super-channels. This product features the only commercially available single-card 500 Gb/s FlexCoherent super channels based on Infinera’s widely deployed photonic integrated circuits. It provides Windstream with a solution integrating Dense Wave Division Multiplexing optical transmission and five terabit per second non-blocking OTN switching in a single platform.

What does all that mean in non-technical terms? It means Windstream is increasing network capacity by a factor of 10 in order to meet our customers’ growing need for bandwidth. With the DTN-X platform, Windstream can offer reliable, low-latency services for mission-critical applications in a way that is efficient to deploy, operate and grow as needed.

In fact, all Windstream customers—including our consumer broadband customers as well as our wholesale customers—should benefit from this capacity-enhancing deployment.

It truly is a state-of-the-art solution, and it speaks to the commitment by senior management at Windstream to providing our customers with the best possible network experience.

Contact us, and let our solutions professionals help you explore the benefits of Windstream’s long-haul express network.