Live from COMPTEL PLUS: The Sky is the Limit: Capturing Opportunities in the Cloud


Windstream blogger is reporting live from COMPTEL PLUS

We are kicking off COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2014 with our first live blog post of the conference, just wrapping up an excellent session - “The Sky is the Limit: Capturing Opportunities in the Cloud.” Mary Stanhope, vice president of product marketing, Global Capacity, moderated a panel discussion that focused on cloud and data solutions not just for small to medium businesses (SMBs), but for enterprise organizations overall – and of course, cloud solutions of any kind, for any size business, is a topic near and dear to the entire Windstream team.

The session outlined strategies for outsourcing voice services to the cloud, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership, but also addressing how service providers can the “benefits of a connected cloud system” – leveraging key elements such as infrastructure, automation, connectivity, performance, data and information.

Some major themes jumped off the presentation screen this morning, outlining some of the core components of a winning cloud model:

  • Infrastructure: hardware, teams with expertise and proven history in the cloud space, solid business processes
  • Automation: self-provisioning and automated billing options
  • Performance and quality: monitoring, redundancy, security, high availability
  • Value creation: innovative, customizable options for real-world business-use

At Windstream, we understand that for some, even the thought of implementing cloud solutions can bring a certain level of panic. Public, private and hybrid options—it might seem difficult to determine which cloud solution is the right fit for your business. Our mantra for those looking to jump into the cloud is “think big, start small.” We work with each of our customers to develop a customized cloud solution that fits their very unique and specific business needs, while planning and designing for future growth and success. We win when they win.

If your business is considering the cloud, download our 2014 Cloud Guide: Insights for a Great Migration, and contact a Windstream representative to talk about our “smart solutions, personalized service”. Or, if you’re here at COMPTEL PLUS this week, just stop by booth #306 – we’d love to catch up today.