Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—Selling Managed and Cloud Security Services


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This morning finds us in the “Selling Managed and Cloud Security Services” discussion at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. T.C. Doyle, executive editor, Channel Partners, moderated the panel discussion, which also featured Clark Richter, founder, Fossa LLC, and Dave Sobel, director of partner community, GFI Max.

The big topic on their minds today? The exponential growth of cloud-based and managed security solutions, which Infonetics Research predicts will increase 69 percent over the next five years. This growth has been brought on by a rise in the number of malicious cyber attacks, the number and complexity of security products in the market and the operation of an open mobile enterprise. These factors are driving businesses to cloud and managed security providers—like Windstream—that offer the highest level of expertise in protecting critical business data.

According to the panelists, the biggest piece to the puzzle in selling managed and cloud security services is the human element. Understanding what the customer needs are and identifying which solutions sets are appropriate to apply, and ultimately, understanding and evaluating the cost of delivering the service. 

Channel partners are often challenged with the consumerization of IT, and the fact that computing power is all around us.  For example, many businesses underestimate the power of smartphones, as they should be treated as equals with desktop computers when it comes to data management and the need for security.

The panelists agreed that management systems that put the user, versus the device, at the center, will be a key element in 2014, as half of enterprises do not have security measures in place for BYOD (bring your own device). Additionally, a huge opportunity exists for channel partners who are able to look at the big picture of managed and cloud security services, versus just one piece of the pie.

At Windstream, our Managed Security Services team works to implement and maintain the most secure, cost-effective network security solutions for all possible entry points. As a member of your IT security team, our Windstream experts improve security while freeing up your internal IT resources.

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