Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—New Tools of the Cloud Trade


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We’re attending some great educational sessions at Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas this week! The latest session, titled “New Tools of the Cloud Trade,” - an informative and eye-opening discussion - was presented by Manon Buettner, principal, Nuvalo, and Jo Peterson, operations director, Teleproviders—a valued Windstream cloud partner.

At Windstream, we recognize that being a cloud partner is hard work. Not only are you charged with assisting customers with their cloud road maps and supplier selection, but you also need to be able to secure, monitor, optimize, test, replicate, manage, migrate and provision either a single cloud environment or multiple environments. So how can a cloud partner best accomplish this?

Luckily, there are a number of tools that cloud partners can use to ensure optimal performance, continuity and efficiency in virtualized, on-demand environments. Which tools are the most useful? We were pretty enamored with these three:

  • Hypervisor Replication: Known as the secret element of cloud disaster recovery, hypervisor replication is the technology that creates and maintains replicas or virtual machines.  Channel partners should be able to ask service providers at any time which hypervisor replication service they are offering and each solution should have the ability to move data around without disrupting the workforce or the flow of business.
  • Migration Assistance: Businesses may be coming from multiple cloud environments, and when positioning a new cloud structure, proper migration assistance needs to be an available tool for channel partners. Managing migration well offers a predictable level of success, transitioning data within a matter of hours, instead of weeks. A visual capture of the cloud instance is taken and then encrypted. Once the new cloud platform is created, the new instance is duplicated.  Whether the original instance is destroyed or held for future reference, customers are assured that the data will not fail or be lost. Migration assistance makes things better, faster, and more reliable for all involved.
  • Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs): All executive teams need to know and govern what they have and who they have it with.  IT decision makers are now looking for ways to offer key drivers, portability, visibility, and governance, as well as make strategic decisions and look at the entire cloud landscape.  With cloud management platforms as a tool in a channel partner’s belt, increased instances through portable blueprints allow for server script setup and replication, and therefore ensuring data integrity on the cloud.

To more effectively support our partners, we’ve developed an even more partner-centric cloud sales enablement program that provides new training options and marketing tools to help them succeed. Find out more about Windstream’s channel partner program and its benefits here on the Channel Partners website, or read today’s announcement here.