Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—Making Money from Security & Compliance


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“Compliance” and “requirements” – for most verticals these days, there’s simply no way to avoid these two words. In order to maintain compliance and meet the strict requirements, it’s a must for many organizations to select communications and technology service providers with in-depth knowledge of industry-specific controls and regulations. But which standards and regulations apply to which industries or verticals? And which ones impact IT services? It can be overwhelming to figure it all out, but fortunately, you’ve got options

Today, at the Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas, we sat in on an informative session, “Rules, Regs & Revenue: Making Money from Security & Compliance,” – a fantastic overview of various regulations, when they apply and how getting smart about them can create revenue opportunities for channel partners.

The cloud is one of the biggest drivers of the IT security business, with channel partners advising clients on the proper cloud solutions for their unique needs. Driving revenue originates from the ability to educate end users about the top security concerns they face, such as how system downtime, exposure of data during file transfers, shared technology vulnerabilities.

In choosing a managed service provider (MSP), a channel partner must evaluate where they fit in, and whether they will be protecting data, preventing risk, responding to threats, or remediating vulnerabilities. Partnering with a knowledgeable CSP helps the channel partner determine and vet the best cloud options for specific requirements their end-users must meet.

But even more importantly, choosing a provider with expertise in compliance requirements, no matter the vertical, is key. Having a provider with simple, safe, secure options IS the revenue generator.

At Windstream, we work diligently to not only know which regulations our customers face, but also to offer the security solutions required to maintain their specific compliance. Our customers and channel partners alike can rely on us, having the peace of mind that their network security is in capable hands.

If your customers are subject to compliance with PCI, HIPAA or others, we can help ensure their technology solutions meet the necessary standards. Contact a Windstream team member today.