Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—Choosing On-Premises vs. SaaS


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As cloud adoption continues to increase, more businesses are beginning to ask themselves: Should we move our applications to the cloud?

It’s the last day of the Channel Partners in Las Vegas, and we’re finishing strong with our live blogging. We’ve heard so many great speakers at this event, and this morning was no exception, starting with a panel discussion devoted to exploring the big question many enterprises ask, “Should we move our applications to the cloud, or are we better served to keep it on-site?”

“On-Premises vs. SaaS: Helping Customers Choose the Best Option” was moderated by Khali Henderson, editor in chief of Channel Partners, who led the panelists in their dialogue on the benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Deploying SaaS solutions helps customers avoid capital expenditures, makes applications available anywhere, anytime, ensures that their software is always up to date and gives them the ability to scale the solutions to fit their specific business needs. Still, SaaS is not a cure-all; it’s not right for everybody, and the panelists were quick to point out that in some instances, such as when customers have major compliance or security concerns, they might find using SaaS for their critical data does not meet their needs.

Khali led the group through a series of questions, and we’ve listed those below – great points for customers and partners to consider, when thinking about where SaaS fits within the organization:

  • What is the level of interest in SaaS?
  • What applications are most customers considering for cloud-delivery?
  • What are good indicators for moving apps to the cloud?
  • What are good indicators for keeping apps on premises?
  • When might a hybrid environment make sense?
  • What are key objections regarding the cloud?
  • What are the key challenges of moving to the cloud?

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