Spend Less and Get More with Email in the Cloud


Like many businesses, you’re probably looking to gain maximum efficiency from every tool you have available, especially your communications technologies. There are so many “hosted” products and services floating around these days that it almost feels like there are too many to choose from. I completely understand—you’re overwhelmed. So you shut down your computer, telling yourself you’ll research more…”tomorrow.” But then your schedule is booked, you tackle new projects, you’re asked to take over for someone who’s on vacation, and before your know it, you’re back to the same place you started—the state of “hosted” confusion.

Let me help simplify at least one “hosted” item for you: Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Collaboration—a Windstream hosted product that enables businesses of all sizes to access email, IM and calendars on-the-go via a web browser or through a client, regardless of device. And all without having to manage the server or IT overhead. We’ll even migrate your existing email at no additional charge.

So what’s in it for you? Why would you want such a product? I can help you out on that too.

  • Mobility. Freedom to work from anywhere, on any device. Your business is no longer confined to four, static walls or limited to a specific device type.
  • Productivity. Synchronized and integrated email, calendars and contacts, combined with real-time chat and conferencing capabilities.
  • Cost Savings. Eliminate the need for costly hardware and software. With hosted services, you’re leveraging the cloud to power your business.
  • Scalability. Add users at any time, or remove them just as easily.
  • Security. Automatically back up email data on a fully-redundant infrastructure with the ability to remotely wipe data from lost devices.
  • Reduce IT maintenance and support resources. Free up their time to focus on strategic, revenue-generating initiatives for your business.

In all honesty, I’ve just skimmed the surface of the benefits of Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Collaboration. There are countless other “whys.”

In fact, why don’t you register for our FREE webinar—“Spend Less and Get More with Email in the Cloud” on Thursday, January 23rd? Our industry leading experts will address common concerns about transitioning to the cloud and the added benefits our cloud (Exchange, Lync and SharePoint) can offer. (We’ll also show you how easy it is to move your email to Microsoft Hosted Exchange—so you won’t even have to worry about that.)

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