Spotlight Market: San Francisco, Bay Area, CA

Q&A with Jeff Martin, Regional Director for Windstream

Windstream serves San Francisco and Bay Area businesses with data, voice, network and cloud services.

Although it’s known for being a hotbed of tech-savvy individuals and businesses, the San Francisco, Bay Area shares one important commonality with the other cities in America when it comes to business ownership: business owners wear multiple hats to get results and they’re all looking for ways to streamline business processes.

One of the many roles a business owner plays is that of IT manager. Windstream partners with them to become an extension of that role, to be their expert resource. Our San Francisco, Bay Area team has expertise in data, voice, network, and cloud technology, easing the headaches of those overburdened business-owners-turned-IT-managers. The local Windstream group has worked hard to become trusted advisors to local entrepreneurs, helping them to simplify implementation of their IT solutions, putting our next-generation technologies to work for them.

We sat down with Regional Business Sales Director, Jeff Martin, to find out what he likes most about doing business in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working with customers in the San Francisco, Bay Area?

Jeff Martin: Every day we help business customers strategically design and build plans to maximize the effectiveness, security and value they’re seeking from their IT organizations. Many of our customers are mid-size businesses or small startup companies looking to be the next big success—that’s an exciting world to live in, and I’m proud to be part of it all. These companies we work with have such fantastic stories, and quite frankly, we get pretty excited here at Windstream, knowing we’re all in this together. We have a lot of pride in what we do and our capabilities, and take our role as their trusted advisor very seriously.

Q: What is something about Windstream and the San Francisco team that customers might be surprised to know?

JM: Our team is so diverse, just like the customers and businesses we serve. We have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, allowing us to build meaningful relationships with our customers. Our collective mission is to earn the trust and respect of our wide range of clients by providing them smart solutions, personalized service. We’re part of the community, not just people who work here—I truly believe our business relationships reflect that.

Q: What sets Windstream apart from its San Francisco competitors?

JM: Our customers are looking for an established service provider that offers the integrity and flexibility required when implementing the new technologies that will help them achieve their business goals. Windstream provides the smart solutions and personalized service they need in order to reach those goals. And I’ve seen over and over how we’ve been able to help many businesses exceed their original goals, succeeding more than they’d initially imagined, without increasing their cost structure.

With new startup business launching here daily, being able to provide all the services they need—from end to end—we make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Bay Area customers can choose data, voice, network, and cloud services all from a single provider with the ability to mold and shape the solutions to their specific needs, receiving a single bill for all of their services. That’s not something many other providers can offer—which is why we’re focused on being our customers’ trusted advisor, rather than just a communications provider.

If you live in or around the San Francisco, Bay Area and are interested in learning more about any of Windstream’s customized solutions—data, voice, network, cloud (and more)—contact