Struggling Schools Get E-Rate Help


Students and educators in the age of instant information and constant access to the Internet are increasingly demanding a multi-media learning experience that reaches far beyond the walls of the classroom. At the same time, state education standards have recently placed a larger emphasis on curriculum that relies heavily on advanced technology. As course shifts to next-gen technologies and applications for instruction, educators find themselves woefully under-equipped, with insufficient telecom services to support the latest in educational technology.

And curriculum isn’t the only thing changing in schools—emergency communication and security procedures are a critical concern for education administrators.  At the time of an emergency, an aging communication system becomes a liability. With school campuses increasingly becoming the landscape for senseless tragedy and with the ever-present threat of natural disasters, schools must ensure their voice systems are up to the task in the event of an emergency.

This much is clear: there is a widespread, desperate need to upgrade technology in America’s schools.

Certainly, these necessary upgrades come at a cost, and education budgets in almost every sector are shrinking. In an effort to support the delivery of current technology in the nation’s schools and libraries, the FCC created the E-Rate program.  The E-Rate program provides discounts of 20-90% on telecommunication and Internet services, along with equipment for eligible schools and libraries.

Windstream has been part of the E-Rate program since its inception in 1997 and has experience designing solutions, delivering services and working successfully within the E-Rate framework. Windstream offers custom voice, data, IT networking and equipment solutions for educational facilities across the nation. We are committed to helping you achieve the goals set forth in your technology plan, and offer solutions to fit any budget.

Are you struggling to upgrade your aging technology? Ready to build a partnership with Windstream? Contact a representative here.

(OH….I almost forgot, if you haven’t taken the E-Rate survey—check it out! This is your chance to let us know what YOU know!)