Spotlight Market: Cincinnati, OH


Q&A with Nick Beachler, Sales Director for Windstream

Nick Beachler, sales director in Windstream’s Cincinnati office, took a few minutes out of his busy today to talk to us about what makes his team—and Cincinnati—special.

Q: What brought you to Cincinnati?

Nick Beachler: I’ve been with the company for just over 5 years, starting in Kansas City. I worked in sales and was one of the top sales reps at Windstream for a few years. After Kansas City, I moved to Chicago, developing sales reps in five states in a Regional Training Consultant role. Based on my past successes and development in the role, I was recently asked to come to Cincinnati to lead the team in this area.

Q: What changes have you implemented to improve the culture?

NB: I have really sought to utilize Windstream’s inherent strengths, and in Cincinnati this includes providing value to medium and large customers. Our competition in this market can provide cheap, regional service—they’re the incumbent provider, which means they’ve been here a while. But Windstream leverages its IP-based state-of-the-art network with cloud and data center solutions—allowing us to live up to our “smart solutions, personalized service” brand promise. Basically, our end-to-end total solutions are unique here—a great competitive edge. But it’s also a promise we’re very proud to stand on. Our customer relationships are definitely more partnership-focused than the traditional customer-vendor relationship.

I’ve also implemented continuous training programs for our team. Monday through Thursday, we conduct group training sessions, in addition to the weekly one-on-one meetings I hold with each team member. I’m a firm believer in constant growth and learning and I try to create that environment for our crew.

Q: What Windstream products and services do you find popular in Cincinnati?

NB: Customers in this area are really interested in our SIP trunking, cloud technology and unified communications (UC) services. Those are three really strong Windstream products that separate us from the competition. We like that we’re able to offer Cincinnati clients a one-stop technology experience that emphasizes our value-added benefits. We also have 3G and 4G wireless backup, which is a big differentiator in the market.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working with the customers in Cincinnati?

NB: Our customers are very forthcoming with their opinions regarding service providers—they’re not at all shy about letting you know where you stand. This is invaluable to us as we try to provide the best possible customer experience. We know what we are doing right, but better yet, we learn from our customers where we can improve.  We’ve taken some hard lessons-learned to heart, trying to determine not only the root cause of issues, but also how they’re resolved and what steps we’ll take to ensure the issues aren’t repeated.

Q: What makes your team unique?

NB: Collectively, the team’s tenure is short—everyone is pretty new and comes from a variety of backgrounds. Many of our employees have owned their own businesses. Each contributes a very unique perspective and approach to serving their customers. For example, understanding what it means to be a business owner and what their needs are is very beneficial when suggesting technology solutions. Our team views the challenges of our customers as critical business issues, not just technology issues. Overall, we’re a very hardworking group—our rep in Dayton is one of Windstream’s top performers.

Q: You’re from Cedar Rapids, Iowa originally; what do you find appealing about Cincinnati?

NB: I’m a huge Cincinnati fan. Although there are more than 2 million people in the metro area, it still has that small town feel. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody else—what’s that called? Six degrees from Kevin Bacon? So it feels very comfortable and familiar, and yet we still have the benefits of a big city when it comes to culture and attractions. My family and I are happy to be here!

Are you a business in the Greater Cincinnati area looking for voice and data solutions? Contact Windstream today—or talk to Nick Beachler to hear how his team can help you succeed!