Game Changer Government IT Technologies


Among IT industry trends with far-reaching implications across various verticals, five stand out as game changers no matter what your business: cloud computing, big data, security, mobility, and data center consolidation. While businesses everywhere rush to prepare for these trends and adopt new technologies, private enterprises are not the only entities impacted. According to a recent survey by the government IT group MeriTalk, a majority of government network managers say their systems lack the capacity required to meet the additional load many future initiatives require.

A recent article in CIO magazine discussed the transitions and need for a stronger IT backbone, beginning with a modernized network with open standards, yet robust enough to handle the traffic. With more and more data being accessed, shared and stored, traffic is expected to increase the federal network load by 79 percent, and as a result, 84 percent of survey respondents said that if all five IT initiatives were fully deployed today, their agency would be at risk of a network bottleneck.

Among the agencies surveyed, half of respondents have already started taking steps to prioritize their impending IT initiatives, while 47 percent are seeking standardized documentation of their current infrastructure. Additionally, 44 percent are pressing for stronger coordination among leaders of the various transitions.

At Windstream, we understand the IT struggles federal agencies face. Our long-standing history of providing the federal government with “smart solutions, personalized service” has allowed us to touch a wide range of agencies as part of our fast-growing federal government sales and program management organization (PMO). With options ranging from customized, PCI compliant cloud computing and data center solutions, to managed services or any number of voice and data products, our ability to provide end-to-end technologies gives government agencies what they need: a single, cost-efficient, easy-to-do-business-with provider. 

To better understand our ability to assist government entities as they undertake these major IT transitions, take a glance at this recent contract awarded to our team by the Department of Veteran Affairs. In September, Windstream secured a $12 million bid for voice and data services encompassing 11 states in the northeastern United States. In previous years, the VA has contracted with multiple vendors to provide services to hundreds of its facilities; however, the agency recognized the need to consolidate vendors and minimize administrative expenses inherent in this model.  As the largest national competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), we were ideally positioned with a strong network footprint to deliver both cost savings and increased service quality. With a contract spanning more than 300 facilities, including VA hospitals, clinics, cemeteries, and call centers (just to name a few), Windstream was able to meet their requirements with solutions they need.

The “smart solutions, personalized service” our Government Solutions team delivers minimizes those five concerns I mentioned above (the cloud computing, big data, security, mobility, and data center consolidation). We’re the ones changing the game now.

No matter the size of your government agency, Windstream is uniquely positioned to meet your technology and communications needs. Contact us here or give us a call at 855.373.4906 for more information about Windstream’s Government Communications Programs