The Bright Future of Managed Services


Many businesses are turning to managed services hosted in secure data centers like the one pictured in this photo.

Global economies. Millions of workers. Growing technology needs while needing to innovate and focus on your core competencies. New audit and data security concerns every time you turn around. The combination of these factors poses a daunting challenge for any business, no matter the size. How can they balance growth and efficiency without compromising quality and integrity? When it comes to communications and technology, the answer is “managed services”.

Implementing managed services into your IT strategy means outsourcing your communications or other network solutions to an experienced, proven Managed Services Provider (MSP). And in particular, a provider that can offer better SLAs than you have today, alleviating some of your weightiest business pressures. You know, the ones that seem to mount almost daily, causing you to ask yourself, “why am I dealing with issues like this, when I should be doing something to drive us forward?” Pressures like operational efficiency, productivity, network security, operating costs—the ones that have you rethinking your budget, strategy and resources right now. You want a technology partner that lets you get back to focusing on business—your business.

According to a recent study conducted by MarketsandMarkets, trends show a high demand for managed services across every industry vertical. These trends are likely spurred on by more and more companies seeing their IT costs being reduced by up to 40 percent. Additionally, businesses implementing managed services have reported almost a 50 to 60 percent increase in operational efficiency. In fact, the same survey indicates that managed services is becoming such a critical component of today’s technology world, that it’s expected to hit $256M annually by 2018, as it follows its 12 percent growth rate.

When it comes to managed services, we’ve got one of the most comprehensive sets on the market, fully integrated into our public, private, and hybrid cloud offerings. Whether you’re considering network infrastructure, applications or systems, they’re all are maintained by certified experts, 24x7, within enterprise-class data centers, including:

The benefits of outsourcing your managed services needs are almost endless, from risk mitigation to enhanced network performance, reduced maintenance and security costs to peak uptime and improved network visibility and reporting. As your business continues to grow, it needs the proper attention in order to flourish and operate efficiently. So while you focus on your business growth, let Windstream manage your business communications infrastructure.

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