When It Comes to the Cloud, We Often Evangelize a “Think Big, Start Small” Message


While I’m an avid advocate for cloud computing—my title is “Cloud Evangelist” after all—I understand that from the get-go, cloud may not be all things to all people. Which is why I evangelize a “think big, start small” mantra when talking to small business owners about cloud adoption.

One common trait among entrepreneurs is their ability to see beyond the “here and now” and develop a business from humble beginnings. Take the same approach to cloud solutions. Although a new business owner may not have the resources—or the need—to build a multi-million dollar company right away, he or she will certainly lay the foundation for growth and slowly scale into a larger organization, investing in more employees, equipment, office space, etc., as their needs change. So it is with cloud solutions, too.

The cloud makes sense, right? You read everything you can get your hands on about cloud computing and you’re pretty convinced it’s the long-term solution for your business. But you’re having a tough time deciding where to start, how to kick your cloud solution into high-gear. You’re thinking big (and I love that, by the way)—but take a step back. Let’s start smaller with your cloud strategy.

Cloud technology morphs traditional IT platforms and services into virtual environments. It brings countless benefits to your business—flexibility, collaboration, accessibility and more—but the key to your business’ cloud success lies in solid planning, starting small with a tactical approach.

E-mail, data storage, “VM wrapped” legacy apps, and IT consumerization of BYOD devices have traditionally been in-house solutions—you’ve been accustomed to taking care of these on your own. And actually, I’d recommend these services as an excellent starting place in your cloud adoption journey. Windstream can help you evaluate your needs and which cloud type—public, private or hybrid—would be best for your organization. I’m a firm advocate of redefining metrics from the end-user perspective (bottom-up vs. top-down thinking) to achieve the success in speed, quality and economics that our cloud solutions provide. 

One thing I hear most often from our customers, is how Windstream's personalized service approach fits their needs, no matter the size of the company.  Our solutions experts offer not only the technical expertise and business acumen, but also the consultative skills required to design solutions that help customers achieve their business goals. But please don't misunderstand—we take this approach with every single Windstream Hosted Solutions customer. Simply put, we're not a vending machine CSP, so there's no "press F3 for hybrid, F4 for private, F5 for public." Whether your organization is huge or the smallest of start-ups, if you need to start small, we'll start small with you.

Sure, we provide services to many large enterprise organizations that are very happy with their cloud solutions. But don’t think that the cloud is only for these mammoth companies. The beauty of the cloud for SMB’s is that, while Windstream has implemented the solutions and technologies for the larger organizations, you reap the benefits of all the solutions we offer, sized right, to fit your needs.  So give us a call and we’ll talk “cloud.”