Spotlight Market: Knoxville, Tennessee

Q&A with Gary Clayton, Sales Director for Windstream


Gary Clayton Gary Clayton
Sales Director for Windstream

Fresh to his position as Windstream’s business sales director for the Knoxville, TN area, Gary Clayton is establishing his office as a one-stop shop for local businesses by learning more about what drives their success.

Q: How have you enjoyed your first few month with Windstream?

Gary Clayton: Things are great in the Knoxville office! I’m adjusting to my new position, a great team, and the businesses in the area—so it’s all been going well. Now that I’ve settled into my role, my focus is to educate business owners on Windstream’s custom solutions and how we can be strategic, trusted technology advisors to help their businesses grow and succeed.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working with customers in Knoxville?

GC: I like that our office has the chance to get to know our customers and better understand their business. I truly believe that understanding what makes a company tick is the best way for our Knoxville office to serve and provide the most innovative technology solutions possible.

Q: What is something about Windstream and the Knoxville team that customers might be surprised to know?

GC: The Knoxville team is very involved in the community. When I started, the kind-hearted spirit was one of the first qualities that I noticed about this group. One of our short-term team goals is to have Windstream become more involved in the philanthropic activities of our community. We’re currently investigating local charities for the Knoxville team to support.

Q: What sets Windstream apart from its Knoxville competitors?

GC: Windstream’s “smart solutions, personalized service” brand promise definitely sets us apart from our Knoxville competitors. We offer communication solutions that streamline business operations by integrating data, voice, network, cloud and communication hardware through one set of solutions. Windstream also works to build custom solutions by engaging customers to understand their business and technology needs, truly serving as a trusted advisor—this is where our Knoxville team excels.  

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