COMPTEL PLUS Final Thoughts: Private, Public and Hybrid: Selecting the Right Cloud Deployment Model


COMPTEL PLUS wrapped up yesterday, but we couldn’t leave without attending a great session, Private, Public and Hybrid: Selecting the Right Cloud Deployment Model, moderated by Windstream’s Vice President of Enterprise Marketing, Pat Herron. The session focused on selecting the right cloud deployment model—public, private or hybrid—and what drives that decision.

According to the panelists, in 2011 the cloud market was $22 billion— but projected to increase to $66 billion in 2015. As mentioned in the presentation, as a society, we are capturing more and more data every day—clearly driving the strong demand for cloud services. Some of the factors contributing to rapid cloud migration are cost savings, agility, the popularity of BYOD, complexity and financial management.

Despite clear indications of growth and investment in the technology, many organizations still feel some hesitancy around investing in the cloud due to four primary barriers: privacy concerns, inadequate technology fears, unclear internal organizational processes, or operational and procedural cultural differences within their organizations.

Understanding the organizational or industry needs will help identify their ideal cloud solution. For example, a financial institution or healthcare provider may find a private cloud the best option for their needs, given the strong privacy elements and requirements of those industries. Other situations may involve the need to store data, but perhaps not the same stringent requirements surrounding privacy, and hybrid solutions may be the key.

According to the experts, 66% of organizations are in the process of or are planning to adopt a cloud strategy. Are you in that 66%? Or, if you’re in the 34% that still have yet to even start the process—is it time to have that conversation? Learn more about private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions—and how to select the cloud deployment model that works best for your organization. Talk to the cloud experts at Windstream.