Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—MPLS vs. Ethernet in the Cloud


Cloud Partners Expo was all about making connections today—of the network variety. This morning’s session, titled “MPLS vs. Ethernet Connections to the Cloud,” featured commentary from three industry experts, moderated by Ken Mercer, VP of sales at Telecom Brokerage Inc.

With a variety of ways to connect to the Internet, one major consideration often falls by the wayside—a company’s network connection. The session experts discussed the importance of network connection between a company and its cloud, because without a solid, reliable connection, cloud benefits cannot be fully realized. The session experts compared IP, MPLS and Ethernet network technologies, benefits and drawbacks, with recommendations on assessing customer requirement.

It’s enough to make your head spin, when thinking through the myriad of networking solutions discussed during this panel.  Fortunately, you don’t have to worry.  With end-to-end connections available, Windstream can take care of the network, as well as your cloud solution. Easy – no headspinning at all.

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