Live from COMPTEL PLUS: Maximizing Your Investment in the Cloud: How to Find the Right Mix


We’re pretty excited about COMPTEL PLUS this afternoon, and just left an informative session called “Maximizing your Investment in the Cloud: How to Find the Right Mix for your Customer Base.” Moderated by Jim Hintze, Vice President of Global Business Development at BTI Systems, this session discussed the trend of companies shifting resources to the cloud.

Many businesses look to the cloud for efficiency, cost savings, analytics, customer service and a host of other reasons. This panel provided great food for thought, particularly for those considering offering cloud solutions or UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) to their end users.

Given the buzz around cloud these days, some important “what matters most” considerations the panelists all agreed on when selecting a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) are:

  • Provider experience and reputation
  • Customer references
  • Expertise and history
  • Available feature sets
  • Product roadmap

Some UCaaS “Future Proofing” questions to think through:

  • What about video? Does the product support it?
  • How are smartphones and other BYOD devices factored in to the solution?
  • What about SIP trunking?
  • Can services be blended?
  • How can you be sure your services and technologies are always up-to-date? What’s the plan? 

When considering a solid cloud services provider, it’s easy to jump to the biggest name, one capturing all the attention today. But is that really the right approach? Panelist Dawane Young gave a great analogy using cattle versus pets: when thinking of the solutions as something the CSP cares for, nurtures and grows – in other words, as a “pet—you’re assured that “pet” is a priority.  If the CSP considers their solutions “cattle,” something to be cranked out, widespread and only known as “cattle,” the “care and feeding” is likely to decline somewhat —the personal interest wanes and the end users become lost in the herd. But that “pet” is still named and cared for, the personal investment grows stronger.

So maybe we’ve not looked at it like that before, but it gives us something to think about. Interested in cloud solutions or UCaaS? We’ve got cloud experts on hand (and they’re here too, booth 601!) Give us a call—we promise, you won’t get lost in the herd.