Live from COMPTEL PLUS: Session Overview—Cyber Attacks: Implementing a Successful Counter Plan


We’re still live at COMPTEL PLUS this afternoon, this time talking about “Cyber Attacks: Implementing a Successful Counter Plan.”

It’s no secret that cyber threats are not only common, but also growing in frequency and sophistication. While all businesses need to be aware of the threat of cyber attacks, financial institutions and healthcare companies should take extra care, based on the high level of confidentiality of their data. According to Teri Francis, Vice President of Customer Solutions at NTT Communications, and other panel experts, by taking an ecosystem approach to cyber threats, companies can guard against from intruders. For example:

  • Take cyber security seriously. In 2012 there were 621 reported data breaches costing businesses millions of dollars. Many companies, especially smaller ones, under staff their security departments or fail to implement proper employee training programs. Understand where your weaknesses are and start building that fortress.
  • Understand that data breaches are targeted toward individuals. Breaches can come from individual hackers, organized crime and nation-states, just to name a few sources of origination. The majority of breaches are achieved through targeting an individual in the organization, presumed to have a high level of access, and then working outwards from there. Ensuring strong credentials and safeguards for these individuals is key to protecting your business network.
  • Report data breaches to the FBI. FBI Special Agent, Todd Renner (National Security Computer Intrusions) weighed in on today’s session, telling us that cybercrimes are a serious threat and the FBI investigates these cases with a dedicated cybersecurity department. Report crimes not only so you have a better chance of recovering your data, but also to assist the FBI identify, prosecute and disable cybercriminals. According to former FBI Director Mueller, “Down the road, the cyber threat, which cuts across all FBI programs, will be the number one threat to the country,” surpassing terrorism.

Cyber threats maybe more sophisticated than in years past, but with the right proactive approach, you can protect your company and data, your employees, as well as your reputation and credibility. Our Windstream experts are ready to help you keep the attacks at bay—let’s do this cyber fight together.