Speaking the Same Language: Channel Partners, Cloud Providers, and the Definition of “Cloud”


Once considered the next big technology trend, the cloud has forever changed the landscape of technology and is definitely here to stay. Many cloud providers and channel partners struggle with how to clearly define the cloud and all that it offers. However, as Windstream works together with our own channel partners to deliver cloud services to businesses across the country, our goal is to remove that obstacle.

Each cloud provider defines “cloud” a little differently than the next—leading to a variety of ideas about what cloud solutions really are. Have you ever started the sales process only to discover halfway through that the service provider has a different explanation of cloud services than you do? Nebulous or vague descriptions can sometimes leave you feeling frustrated as you strive to reach your sales goals.

To ensure clear communication and understanding of Windstream’s cloud solutions, we’ve implemented a unique cloud services training and certification program, designed specifically for channel partners interested in selling our colocationdedicated serversDisaster Recovery as a Service and unified email management solutions. 

We have found this certification program to be mutually beneficial since its implementation earlier this year. The program truly integrates our channel partners with our Hosted Solution team, leveraging both network and cloud solutions expertise, while removing any ambiguity around cloud products and services. And the program aligns perfectly with our “Top Ten Reasons to be a Windstream Channel Partner” list, offering even more proof of our commitment to helping channel partners grow their businesses. As we expand our channel partner relationships, your product portfolios will continue to grow, bringing new technology solutions that ultimately benefit end-user business customers nationwide.

Are you a channel partner interested in becoming certified in Windstream’s cloud solutions? For more information about our channel partner program, click here.  Let’s get you cloud-certified—or “any-other-Windstream-product-certified!”