Cloud Partners Conference Wrap Up

CP WIN Booth

Windstream Booth at Cloud Partners 2013

Now that Cloud Partners has come to an end, we want to offer some closing thoughts on all that we experienced in a jam-packed week of cloud-focused conference sessions covering hot cloud solutions, cloud strategies, cloud delivery, colocation, connectivity and more.

In addition to the summaries we posted last week, we had opportunities to sit in on other discussions, such as:

  • “Assessing Customer Needs and Developing Cloud Road Maps” presented by David Sebestyen, Managing Director of one of Windstream’s valuable partners, The Cloud Task Force, LLC, and focused on the importance of understanding our customers’ needs when recommending cloud solutions. Suggesting and implementing effective cloud services often requires more than checking a box, so it’s critical to keep the end-user’s business goals in mind when suggesting solutions.
  • “Selling Cloud’s Business Value to Non-IT Decision Makers”, presented by Bob Brietman, President, and Drew Sanford, CTO at CloudAny, LLC, centered on explaining the benefits and rewards of cloud solutions to decision-makers who are in non-IT positions or workgroups. While this is a challenge many CSPs face, they should seek to understand where the decision-making responsibility lies and reframe communications for the C-suite, as well as IT managers. This might require reducing some of language that appeals to the tech-savvy and more emphasis on how the solution will impact business bottom lines.
  • “Partner Benchmarking: Cloud Transformation & Success Metrics”, led by Ryan Brock, Senior Vice President of Cloud & Channels at AMI Partners, discussed the business transformation requirements for successfully implementing cloud services, causing the audience to ask themselves some questions:  What actually defines a successful cloud partner? How do partners implement the necessary steps to meet that success? What kind of employees—such as sales teams or solutions engineers— should they be looking to hire? Are there other investments to be made in order to be successful?

And on top to all of the seminars and discussions, we were fortunate enough to tag along as Chris Nicolini, Senior Vice President of Data Center Operations, led some members from the Carrier Access team, one of our most valued partners, on an exclusive tour of our impressive new data center facilities in Chicago.

CP Chicago

View of Chicago skyline from the riverboat dinner cruise at Windstream's Jam Session.

After the Windstream Jam Session on Thursday afternoon, we hosted a riverboat dinner cruise, enjoying time with several of our channel partners and taking in the Chicago skyline. With near-perfect weather (until the rain came), it was a perfect end to a busy day.

We evangelize the cloud whenever we have the chance, and last week was definitely a cloud-filled week. For even more information on Windstream’s cloud solutions, click here to contact one of our trusted cloud advisors. Or if you’d like information on Windstream’s Channel Partner program, click here. We want to make sure you’re with us at the next Cloud Partners conference.