Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—Cloud Computing 360° Roundtable


It’s been an action-packed morning of great sessions here at Cloud Partners Expo. Cloud computing was the topic of the latest session I had the pleasure of attending. It was a little different than the standard format: a roundtable featuring several industry thought leaders and an energizing cloud computing discussion. The session, moderated by Jason Porter of AT&T, included panelists Dave DeCamillis from Platte River Networks, Mike Dillon of Quest and Jeff Kaplan from Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG).

The panelists, all recipients of the 2013 Channel Partners 360° award, came together to field questions and provide opinions on the best practices for building a cloud organization. Channel partners of all types, including VARs, telecom agents and MSPs, are looking for cloud opportunities to help them expand their businesses and these session experts definitely offered some interesting thoughts:

  • The definition of “cloud” has expanded—private cloud, virtual cloud, hosting and managed hosting in the cloud, networked services, mobility—the cloud eco-system is about pulling together a host of different solutions.
  • Plans for cloud adoption should be scalable.  And maybe even more importantly, the plans MUST be tested. 
  • When talking cloud solutions with your customers, your discussion must be customized to the audience you’re speaking with—the IT team is not the same today as it has been in the past; it is much smaller and you, as a solutions provider, can be a great help to them.

This session provided us with a great opportunity to hear some of the questions our channel partners have about selling cloud solutions. Interested in learning more about becoming a Windstream channel partner? Check out our “Top Ten Reasons” list here—you’ll want to hear more.  Or, if you’d like to learn more about our cloud solutions, contact a Windstream cloud expert.

We’re looking forward to more great content from Cloud Partners this week!