Live from COMPTEL PLUS: Carrier Ethernet and Ethernet Over Copper: A Status Report


Still here at COMPTEL PLUS in Orlando and we’re talking about game changers! The “Carrier Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper” session discussed how these solutions provide businesses with innovative strategies for a competitive advantage. It was moderated by Raymond Chiu, CEO of Local Backhaul Networks and featured three speakers, Craig Drinkhall, Vice President-Product Management at Lumos Networks, Chad Hoyle, Senior Director, Network Architecture at Duke Net Communications, and Prayson Pate, Chief Technologist at Overture.

At Windstream, we agree that Carrier Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper (EoC) provide a competitive advantage for businesses seeking higher bandwidth, faster speeds and more reliable service. Both options provide a more cost-effective solution for end users with either single or multi-point locations.

In this session, we wanted to learn a bit more on the state of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and the advances in EoC. According to the experts, here are a few updates:

  • EoC is alive and well! Despite some developments that may point to the contrary, such as the decision not to replace copper networks damaged in Hurricane Sandy or other natural disasters, EoC is still a next-gen product, critical in meeting the federal government’s requirements for broadband progress nationwide.
  • MEP CE 2.0 certification, though an arduous and challenging certification to achieve, is well worth the effort. This vendor-neutral certification opens doors to new business and is helping to expand the subject matter expertise to a global audience.
  • Interestingly, 75% of businesses nationwide—particularly in the SMB space—are only reachable by copper. The demand will be here for a while; businesses will rely on providers with predictable and reliable bandwidth to meet their EoC needs.

Are you a carrier, seeking alternate or high-speed reliable routes? Or perhaps you’re looking to augment existing routes? Learn more about Windstream’s Carrier Ethernet or Ethernet over Copper solution by contacting a Windstream expert.