Live from CompTel PLUS: Carrier Assurance Team—A Carrier’s Support Dream


With CompTel PLUS in full swing, I’m reflecting over the past few years here at Windstream. I do this before every tradeshow, wondering who I’ll see, which service providers will be around, how things have changed…I can’t help but get a little nostalgic, thinking about all the changes carrier service providers and the communications industry as a whole has experienced. Like most major organizations, Windstream has been through countless transitions, acquisitions, reorganizations—pretty much every “tion” other carrier services providers have experienced. We’ve revamped processes, realigned workgroups, revisited product solutions…basically, we’ve “re’d” a lot, too.

One thing that hasn’t changed for us is our commitment to providing a premier, comprehensive suite of high performance Carrier Solutions—which is where our Carrier Assurance Team comes in. More than just a traditional support operation, this specialized group is dedicated to providing proactive management of new service initiation with our carrier customers and internal work groups, from contract to Carrier Account Manager (CAM) hand-off, ensuring positive customer experiences. With their industry and technical expertise, the “assurance” piece of the team’s name gives carriers just that—the assurance of the seamless service and support carriers require in order to grow and expand their own networks successfully.

Not that I’m biased (ok, I am), but I truly consider the Carrier Assurance Team a carrier’s support dream, from both the perspective of our customers, as well as our own.  As a “carriers’ carrier”, we want every one of our customers to benefit from our “smart solutions, personalize service” brand promise—and our Carrier Assurance Team certainly lives up to that promise.

This group, located strategically throughout the U.S., is focused on delivering exceptional service to our carrier customers, offering them the peace of mind that their own end-users are being well cared for. From contract signing to service installation and bill review, they’re rolling up their sleeves, digging in, and hanging on to ensure services and products are delivered as promised.

The CAT’s goals are straightforward. They’re focused on improving the ordering experience, ensuring billing accuracy, educating customers and providing timely billing dispute resolution, all while maintaining an open communication stream internally and externally. No pressure, right? Trust me when I say they’re more than up to the task.

I could keep singing their praises (and probably will) but maybe you should meet them to find out for yourself! If you’re here at CompTel PLUS this week, stop by booth #601 and we’ll make introductions all around. It’s time to meet your support “Dream Team”. 

(But if you’re not here with us, and you’d like to hear more, click here – we’ll tell you all about the new team.)