Summer Reading Series: Assignment #5: Unified Communications


You’ve probably figured out by now how ‘addicted’ I am with the trends of unified communications, especially when it comes to BYOD. I mean, just take a look at some of my previous posts—you’ll begin to get the idea.

I am a self-professed ‘geek.’ Even when not at work, I am at home on my iPad, Galaxy S4 or Windows 8 laptop (equal opportunity user here!) reading up on new communications technology and trends. While I realize not everyone gets as excited as I do about new ways to communicate with all your gadgets (my daughter for instance, still hasn’t gotten over when I had her 2nd grade class install a phone system for career day) but for those that do, here are some unified communications (UC) resources that are fairly good reads!

Required reading: From the first time I came across it, I was immediately hooked on Frost & Sullivan’s UC Community Blog. I can’t lie—I do wish they’d post more often, but that’s just because I’m constantly searching for more UC information.  One of the things I like most about this blog is that their analysts recap key trends presented at multiple large industry events—and even when I can’t attend them myself, I can still benefit from what was shared. As I read, I find myself wanting to hear even more of what their experts have to say and have even been known to re-read them from time-to-time due to the amount of great detail and their interesting take on the topics.

Reading for understanding: just gives readers a great vision of where UC is today and where it is going. I mean, just take a peek at “This is the Office of the Future” and you’ll see what I mean. Twenty years ago, that post would have had you picturing yourself in a “Star Trek” movie (yep—this self-professed geek just went there); you can actually picture yourself in the office described.

Extra credit: The UCStrategies Blog is another go-to for me. I find some really unique thought leaders here with pretty strong opinions on what they think UC is (or isn’t)! I enjoy reading the varied viewpoints and comments. There is quite a bit here—good thing they are heavy ‘tag’ users!

And who doesn’t love FierceTelecom? If I need a quick look at tech news— they’ve got it all. Plus, they have so many sister sites—FierceHealthcare, FierceBigData, FierceEnterpriseCommunications—okay, I could go on and on. But I won’t, since my daughter is telling me I can come out of timeout now—and since you get the idea.

Wait—so you’re an overachiever? One last bonus point, okay? Follow me on Twitter @chrisdavis and tell me what’s on YOUR reading list!

About Our Summer Reading Series
This summer, Windstream bloggers are reviewing some of their favorite resources relevant to their areas of expertise—other blogs, online publications, websites, books and other resources—and sharing them with our readers and followers. Throughout the series, you’ll find great insight and links to lots of helpful resources you’ll want to read and bookmark for future reference. And of course, you can contact a Windstream advisor to learn more about products, services and unified communications technologies and solutions, too.