Summer Reading Series Assignment #6: Small Business Technology


This is the final post in the “Summer Reading” series—which clearly means they saved the best topic—Small Business technology reads—for last!

Since the SMB customer segment is my primary focus, I feel the only way I can create technology products that provide value for small businesses is to really understand what SMB’s are all about. I need to understand their challenges, their successes, their customers, their competitors—I need to know them, not just know about them. 

Required reading: is a great resource from almost every small business angle. From Startups to The ‘Treps, this site covers virtually any question or scenario a business owner could think of. They’ve even got an “Inspiration Station” to collaborate and connect with similar businesses. Although I’m partial to the Technology section, I check this site out a few times a day, as I feel it holds a constant connection to the SMB segment.

Reading for understanding: The FoxBusiness Small Business Center gives “at-a-glance” news updates, but one of my favorite features here is the Small Business Spotlight. This tool gives a closer look at small businesses and startups around the country, showcasing their stories and proving how vital their success is to their communities.

Extra credit: Small businesses just can’t succeed without the right technologies in place—and smallbiztechnology lays out those technologies in the right format. The techworld is overwhelming enough some days, but having great ideas and suggestions all in one place makes it a little less intimidating. I love their security page, especially knowing how important security is to my customers.

Even though our Summer Reading Series has come to an end, that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading! But more importantly – tell us what YOU like to read! What are your resources? 

Summer Reading Series
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