Summer Reading Series: Assignment #2 Carrier Solutions


One of the most critical keys to success in this industry, especially when working with various carriers, is to remain updated—not just on IT and telecom network technology, but on the communications business itself. Staying on top of who’s buying what, who’s implementing new services, who’s expanding in markets across the United States—well, it’s almost dizzying some days!

But I’ve found some IT and telecom network communications resources that I’m drawn to over and over, so it’s time I share those with you.

Required reading: There are literally thousands of online blogs and publications claiming industry expertise, and I find that most are very informational. So it’s not validity that I struggle with. Just like you, I’m short on time! So there are two sites that I can always depend on if I only have 5 minutes but want to get a snapshot of news. Telecom Reseller never disappoints. I can always depend on their carousel to scroll through the latest news. And their content selection is so comprehensive, it seems I always find updates covering the exact vendor, show or technology I’m researching.

Network World is another great go-to, providing almost real-time updates on any kind of technology I could possibly be interested in. I love their blog, offering insight and opinion from some of my favorite industry bloggers. I can’t lie— sometimes I just check this out because I love their blog titles.

Reading for understanding: Telecom Ramblings draws me in every time I swing by the site. Even down to the font type, I feel like I’m sitting down to read serious news—it looks like a newspaper. Their industry business articles keep me in the know on what’s going on with other carriers and providers. And the “Ramblings Choice” section takes me straight to any number of opinion articles.  I love poking around the various editorial pieces, gaining different viewpoints and insight.

And of course, Channel Partners Online is a virtual machine, constantly cranking out interesting news, videos, podcasts and event updates. This site cranks out relevant content non-stop.

Extra credit: Cross Talk TECHtionary is truly one of those sites I could spend hours exploring. It’s literally a “pop up” dictionary for techies—what’s not to love about that? Click on an article and a separate pop-up window expands, giving you a quick run-down on the selected topic. The graphics are minimal, so you might feel overwhelmed by text at first—but don’t let that get to you. The “definition windows” give you all you might need and more. Now, if only I could find a similar thesaurus.

About Our Summer Reading Series

This summer, Windstream bloggers are reviewing some of their favorite resources relevant to their areas of expertise—other blogs, online publications, websites, books and other resources—and sharing them with our readers and followers. Throughout the series, you’ll find great insight and links to lots of helpful resources you’ll want to read and bookmark for future reference. And of course, you can contact a Windstream advisor learn more about products, services and the latest IT and telecom carrier solutions.