Tired of the “Where’s the Network Issue” Game? Win It with Managed LAN/WAN.


It’s pretty much a guarantee that every enterprise has experienced a network breakdown or slowdown at some point in their history. 

If you think back before managed LAN (Local Area Network) WAN and (Wide Area Network) services offered a solution for over-stretched IT departments, you can probably remember one of those days when: your network traffic was running smoothly in one location, while Internet browsing and database and/or server access came to a halt at another. Calls started flooding in to the help desk, with employees reporting problems, all desperate for a resolution. The only way to identify the issue was to conduct a network audit—taking time you probably didn’t have, depending on the size of your company, number of locations, and your IT resources. We understand: it was a stressful day, for your IT department, your affected employees, and it’s ok to admit – you were a little stressed yourself.

It’s why enterprises with multiple locations and more than 50 Internet Protocol (IP) enabled device endpoints on their premises are looking to managed LAN/WAN service more and more—seeking some relief for their IT departments when network outage and slowdowns occur. Managed WAN LAN solutions offer faster resolution of unforeseen issues, many times preventing them before they even start and letting IT teams more quickly isolate network issues without skipping a beat. They can focus on their day-to-day business objectives without being pulled in different directions to constantly address network performance issues.

Windstream’s Managed LAN/WAN service provides monitoring, management of any network issues, maintenance, and support services. From our Network Operations Center (NOC), specialists monitor customer networks 24 x 7, proactively identifying failures and initiating corrective actions.

Other Managed LAN/WAN features include:

  • Multiple unique support options: Basic, Enhanced, and Complete
  • Qualified devices, such as routers, switches, wireless access points and wireless VPNs, Ethernet, and firewalls
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) replacement at intervals equal to contracted vendor agreements
  • View-only access of the Windstream SolarWinds monitoring platform
  • Large number of standard web-based reports

Let’s go back to the scenario described above, when your network was in chaos: in this situation, Windstream NOC specialists would have quickly pinpointed the trouble on the network—even before the first call came into the help desk. Bandwidth would have immediately been reallocated to accommodate spikes in usage at one location, while at the same time maintaining adequate network performance across all other locations. 

And just like that, network issues would have been resolved and stress would have been reduced – your Managed LAN/WAN solution would have managed your network for you, as well as managing the chaos (or, at least a little bit of the chaos!)

To learn more about the benefits of managed LAN/WAN service, reach out to a trusted Windstream advisor.