Mimecast Unified Email Management Solves Email Jail and Other Annoyances


Email management is vital as email communications are now an essential part of day-to-day operations for nearly every business in the world. In fact, you probably can’t imagine your workday (or even your personal day!) without your email. At some point, we’ve all experienced Microsoft Exchange email server limitations and the misfortunes and frustrations associated with them. There is good news, however: Mimecast, a Windstream partner, provides customers with a unified email management system that eliminates the most common technical headaches associated with email.

Read on for some of the top email complaints and Mimecast’s Unified Email Management solutions:

  1. “Email Jail.” You’ve been there. In the middle of a busy day, you’re firing off emails at rapid-fire pace when suddenly the “mailbox is full” pop-up window appears—and you’re stalled out, no longer able to send or receive new messages. To resolve the issue and continue your work, you have no choice but to stop what you’re doing, filter through emails, delete, move them to archives—basically, whatever it takes to free up space so you can get back to business. With Mimecast, you’ll never see this pop-up message again because all data is stored in the cloud with unlimited capacity.

  2. Limited File Access and Search Functionality Through Your Web Portal. You’re in an important meeting discussing a client matter when you’re asked to pull a document sent via email six months ago. You know you archived it in a folder, but since you’re not at your desk, you can’t access a thing. With traditional Exchange service, you can only view your inbox and sent items when logging into email using a smartphone or personal computer—losing access to saved files or other folders you’ve created. Mimecast Unified Email Management stores all email and files in the cloud, allowing you “anytime, anywhere, any device” access to your entire email platform.

    Traditional remote email access also limits your ability to search files. Mimecast lets you easily search your entire email database for file names and emails to or from individuals, just as if you’re sitting at your desk. Mimecast also easily integrates with Exchange and can pull files from SharePoint and Dropbox. For industries requiring long-term data backup solutions—such as healthcare, legal, or financial—Mimecast Unifed Email Management  offers impressive archival space—up to 99 years.

  3. Email Server Outages. The server goes down and you can’t send or receive messages. You’re stuck, trapped. Yet another Mimecast advantage is the ability to operate 24x7, even when email servers are down. Mimecast identifies server errors on its own, so your emails are automatically re-routed through the cloud and back to your email platform—while also maintaining all security and anti-spam protocols. In other words, you’ll never lose access to email again!

Mimecast Unified Email Management helps businesses better manage their Microsoft Exchange Email infrastructures with a ready-to-use online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Through our partnership with Mimecast, we can help you eliminate the growing risks and complexities of business email management. To learn more about Mimecast, check out this fact sheet.

Windstream offers a full suite of managed services, including unified email management. To ensure reliable email access for your company and employees, contact a trusted Windstream advisor to learn more and set up Mimecast Unified Email Management services today.