Channel Partners: DRaaS Helps Your Customers Slam the Door on Disasters


Let’s face it. No one wants disasters. We don’t invite them over; don’t want to hang out with them. But they happen—and a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is the best option for being prepared and kicking them to the curb when they come rushing in.

Disaster recovery and business continuity has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes—with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) a cost-effective option for many businesses. When disaster strikes—regardless of size or scope—businesses need to be back up and running as quickly as possible. And in our “real-time world,” minutes count. According to Gartner, the average mid-sized company has 16 to 20 hours of network, system or application downtime per year, with related average revenue of $70,000 per hour. And that’s just regular old, run of the mill downtime—so just imagine how those statistics climb when Mother Nature (or any of her pals) decide it’s time to pay a visit.

As many CIOs turn to DRaaS to protect critical infrastructure and business data utilizing the cloud, Windstream channel partners can offer ideal DRaaS solutions to customers to grow your business and retain your customer base. With DRaaS gaining such rapid momentum, we’re ready to help you deliver customized options designed to meet each customer’s unique needs. Forrester Research found that disaster recovery (DR) is a top priority for corporate decision makers—with two-thirds considering it to be of critical importance. Cloud-based DRaaS offers secure and affordable managed recovery, allowing businesses to outsource their data storage, replication and retrieval without overcommitting internal resources.

As we move deeper into the summer season when the risk of severe weather is at its peak throughout much of the U.S.—there’s no better time than now to approach your customers about the importance of implementing disaster recovery and business continuity plans to protect their critical business data.

Our DRaaS solutions allow customers to maintain business productivity when disasters hit, helping to protect against significant financial losses and lengthy stretches of downtime. By designing a personalized internal environment for customers that is duplicated in Windstream Hosted Solutions’ data centers, the DRaaS public cloud architecture ensures that data can be recovered in a matter of minutes once a disaster is declared. And with our national network footprint, data can be retrieved regardless of geographical location.

As providers of communications technology solutions, CIOs and other IT decision makers are looking to you for direction. And as solutions experts, your access to DRaaS resources, industry experts and best-in-class technology sets you apart in this market.

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