Advanced Application Reporting: Relief for Congested Networks


“Pandora Man.” “NannyCam Watcher.” “Big File Boss.” Almost every enterprise employs at least one of these individuals who have earned the “Bandwidth Hog” moniker. Although we might not have nicknames like these for them, their extreme bandwidth usage routinely clogs the network. And when networks aren’t performing at optimum speed, neither are the employees connected to them. For businesses requiring a better handle on bandwidth planning and allocation, Windstream’s Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) offers hope for congested networks.

Windstream’s AAR solution provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic patterns through a secure web portal, enabling identification of performance issues. With AAR, businesses can make informed infrastructure investments and optimize network connectivity.

Let’s take, for example, a business that is hosting a conference, and finds they may need connectivity for a few dozen extra people. AAR can collect, format and display WAN performance statistics to represent activity using default intervals such as last hour, last day and last week to help plan for bandwidth deployment. If the performance report shows bandwidth is underutilized in one area, it can be shifted for the sake of the conference. To the contrary, if bandwidth is maxed out, they may elect to temporarily boost bandwidth.

Spotting trends in network traffic helps organizations understand how much bandwidth is being used, if it should be reallocated during certain low-traffic periods, or if more is needed to provide the most reliable and efficient connection for all employees. These trends can all be identified using AAR, easily managed through a web-based portal.

Think your business could benefit from understanding your network’s traffic patterns and bandwidth usage, increasing efficiency and productivity? Contact a trusted Windstream advisor. Or, for more AAR details, check out this great video.