IAUG CONVERGE 2013: SIP Trunking Key to Unifying Business Communications


When you bring together the brightest industry leaders in one place, it is always interesting to see which topics are of the greatest interest from year to year. At this week’s International Avaya User’s Group (IAUG) CONVERGE 2013, once such topic has been unified communications (UC), specifically SIP trunking.

While SIP trunking technology has been around for a while, users continue to discover additional benefits to a UC system. Those who utilize SIP trunking experience significant cost savings, maintain a local presence no matter the location of the phone system, and are able to use advanced applications. As the SIP trunking service offerings in the industry continue to expand, they will become more and more popular with businesses of all sizes—small, medium, and at the enterprise level.

At Windstream, we offer a SIP trunking business solution called Dynamic IP. It provides a single network connection for your business service and high-speed Internet that enables users to dynamically alternate between voice and Internet as dictated by the call volume. In order to develop customized solutions that support the needs of individual businesses, we work with customers to identify key objectives that they hope to achieve with the Dynamic IP system. The top benefits that Windstream customers receive from our SIP trunking solution include:

  • Increased scalability
  • Access to various modes of communications
    • BYOD
    • Text
    • Video
    • Smart devices, including tablets and phones
    • Seamless third party application integration
    • Significant cost savings on infrastructure

Looking for a smart solution for your critical business needs? Visit www.windstream.com for more information on Windstream’s Dynamic IP SIP trunking solution.