Thoughts on Expanding: Carrier Switched Ethernet


It’s been over a month since COMPTEL PLUS, where we announced the nationwide expansion of our Carrier Switched Ethernet service, and we’re finding even more carriers seeking cost-effective multi-location data solutions to provide to their end-users. The demand for Ethernet service and higher bandwidth hasn’t slowed down and as data consumption continues to climb, we anticipate carrier needs will climb just as rapidly. With access to our Carrier Switched Ethernet and other carrier products in major metro areas such as New York, Washington, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Dallas (just to name a few), we’re confident we’re providing viable solutions for our carrier customers as they strive to meet the needs of their customers.  

Our move to expand the Carrier Switched Ethernet portfolio was a direct result of increased demand from carriers for higher bandwidth—everyone needs more, more, MORE! This solution provides carriers access to both ILEC and CLEC exchanges within Windstream’s network. With this service, interconnect ports of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps are available and end-user loops from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps are supported.

Our Carrier Switched Ethernet accommodates a vast range of business applications and since it’s easily scalable, it offers the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changes in customer networks, helping them better prepare for the future.  This gives customers the control to increase or decrease bandwidths, add locations, consolidate traffic onto one network and provides additional security without significant capital investments—all of which are the ideal characteristics of a premier carrier solution.

As we continue improving and enhancing existing carrier products while consistently implementing new technologies, this nationwide expansion represents Windstream’s solid, continued network and product integration initiatives. The results are greater efficiency, consistency, and reliability for our carriers as well as for their end users. Carrier Switched Ethernet allows our carrier customers to offer more businesses the benefits of superior, dependable Ethernet access, along with flexibility and cost-savings.

Are you a carrier interested in taking advantage of growing connection speeds and the power of Windstream’s Carrier Ethernet expansion? Contact us to learn more.