Allworx Reach Application Increases Mobility for Business Solutions


Mobility is changing the business landscape to make communication more immediate, relevant and seamless. Today, businesses rely on multiple platforms—including mobile and tablet devices—for real-time communication with customers.

Allworx, a Windstream company, developed Reach as a way to enable Allworx users to take full advantage of this changing landscape. Allworx Reach is a virtualized Allworx handset that can be used with both Apple and Android devices via WiFi and cellular data networks.

With Allworx Reach, almost all Allworx handset functionality is available from your mobile device, including the ability to simultaneously make and receive multiple calls, manage voicemail and track calls, manage presence and also seamlessly conference, transfer, park and hold calls. 

We’re certain that Allworx Reach and System Software 7.5 will change the way businesses use their Allworx phone systems and how they unify communication activities across multiple platforms. Through Reach, our customers find they don’t have to be tethered to a fixed location.  Whether Allworx users are traveling for business, running errands or simply away from their desks, Reach allows their smart phones to become their remote business handsets. 

Earlier this year, we introduced Allworx Reach at IT Expo 2013 in Miami, Florida, where we were honored with the Best of Show Award for SMB Solutions. IT Expo Best of Show Awards are reserved for products and services that demonstrate creativity and technological innovation for product feature sets, innovative quality, ability to work with existing standards and ultimately contribute to future developments of communication products and services.

We’re so proud to have received this honor because we’re constantly seeking ways to enhance the Allworx line of phone systems. We want the user experience to be nothing short of excellent, and strive to deliver seamless unified communications. Allworx Reach is the next big step in the evolution of our product.