Replacing Network Security Solutions


The Top Network Security Myths and the Stats that Bust Them Open

“Businesses should rarely upgrade or replace network security solutions” is the latest myth we bust open in The Top Network Security Myths series. Sure, time flies when you’re working hard in our hurry-up culture, but neglecting to upgrade and replace network security solutions like firewalls, URL filters and other network security technology at regularly scheduled intervals is risky.  

Network Security Infographic 3

Take a look at some results from Forrester Research:

  • 23 percent of companies plan to upgrade intrusion prevention systems
  • 17 percent plan to replace network analysis and visibility systems
  • 15 percent plan to upgrade firewalls

The infographic featured in this post dispels the common myth that network security solutions rarely need replacing. In truth, even if some of these security systems are fairly new, the recommended replacement rate is every 12 months.

Securing information through infrastructure is a necessary cost of business. If you suspect your security networks are falling by the wayside and could be compromising important company data, Windstream can help.

Windstream offers a variety of managed security solutions designed to provide reliability to networks of all sizes, including:

What has changed at your company as a result of network security breaches in the past 12 months?