Let It Go: It's Time to Make the Move to Managed Services


“We hesitated for a long time before deciding to implement managed services.” We hear this a lot in our line of work and we understand. But it’s time to let go and make the move to managed services.

Turning control of your network infrastructure over to another company can be intimidating. The good news though, is that more and more companies are successfully moving to managed services. By outsourcing management of their infrastructure, most companies realize financial and operational advantages. And in many cases, they gain advanced functionality that wouldn’t be affordable with “do-it-yourself” solutions.

Our friends at Cisco, where Windstream has earned the Master Managed Services Certification, have offered some questions you should consider when determining whether managed services are right for your business. 

How critical are the following IT resource issues for you?

  • Staffing of IT professionals
  • Remaining current with evolving technologies and IT skill sets
  • Managing and maintaining current infrastructure, hardware and software
  • Securing data, transactions and communications
  • Rapid response plans for time-to-market demands

Is your company experiencing changes, like those listed below?

  • Upgrading, refurbishing, moving or relocating existing infrastructure
  • Scope or scale of changing business operations
  • Mergers, partnerships or acquisitions which often alter operations
  • A need for increased range and level of service
  • Surging growth targets, dependent on implementation of new technologies
  • Company expansion, physical or geographical

Would you like your bottom line to reflect efficiencies like these?

  • Resources dedicated to core competencies and mission-critical processes rather than network support activities
  • A solid strategy for gaining efficiencies and reducing costs
  • A global network service that doesn’t require internal global resources
  • The ability to keep up with the latest security threats and to meet privacy or security regulations

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” answer; your requirements will differ from those of other companies and they’ll likely change as your company grows. This is why Windstream’s consultants are trained to work with you, developing a specific plan to meet your needs.  When evaluating whether implementing managed services makes sense for you, “Smart Solutions. Personalized Service.” is more than a slogan. It’s what drives our business.

Our satisfaction level among existing customers is extremely high. Ask those companies who hesitated before going the managed services route. They’ll tell you they didn’t hesitate to choose Windstream when making the change.

It’s time to let go. Let a trusted Windstream advisor help you make that move to managed services.