Network Security Myth #1: Vulnerabilities are Rarely Created by Employees


The top network security myths and the stats that bust them open.

We’re introducing a new series that investigates some of the top IT network security myths. Network Security Myth #1 deals with one of any organization’s most at-risk asset: people.

Network Security Infographic 1

Have you ever searched news websites for an article, looked up a restaurant, or clicked on a banner ad or coupon? Even if you haven’t, chances are your employees have. These seemingly innocent diversions can lead to negative implications for your company, leaving important data vulnerable.

The truth is, employees and internal sources are some of the common factors that contribute to increased network security risks and breaches.  A break in day-to-day tasks, like researching airfare or hotels can lead to unforeseen dangers.

The infographic featured in this post debunks the common myth that security issues are rarely caused by employees.

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What has your experience with network security been? And, what has changed at your company as a result of network breaches occurring in the past 12 months?