Don’t Let Technology Hinder Your Small Business


Have you ever been in the middle of a workday and the blue screen of death unexpectedly appears on your computer or one of your employees opens an email that contains a virus and threatens the security of your network? 

When this happens, instinct tells us to pick up the phone and call the IT manager. Except when you’re a small business owner and you don’t have an IT department, who do you call? 

More often than not, you call on yourself. As a small business owner, it’s your job to work through computer and IT problems, even as they slowly hijack your day and test your patience at every turn.

The problem is that this scenario is broken on a number of levels.

First, we know that the success of a small business is based on keeping your business running, even when issues arise. If technology is hindering this process, your customers and business will likely suffer.

Second, as the business owner, fixing computers and trouble shooting printers may not be an area in which you have expertise, so resolving these issues may be more cumbersome and costly then needed.

In order to make sure your small business is always up and running, Windstream offers hands on technical support that can help you both reduce computer support expenses, increase up time and maintain your technology assets. With Windstream’s Premium Tech Support, our IT staff members become your personal IT resource. Keeping your computers up and running is critical to any business, but the cost and complexity of maintaining them has always been a large hurdle for many small business owners. Windstream’s Premium Tech Support gives business owners and operators two things they require; the ability to keep things running while eliminating out-of-pocket repair costs. Any time we give businesses an ability to grow operating income, we know we are doing our job.

A single visit from one of the national tech squads starts at $150 and adds up quickly for anything more complex. Plus, a business has to endure downtime while their computers are at the shop. Windstream however, offers all of this support, 24x7 as part of its Business Bundles.

By selecting Windstream Small Business Solutions—we work to keep your business running smoothly through technology blips and full-blown crises, as well as protect your network by minimizing risk. This gives you time back to focus on other areas of your growing business.

As an SMB owner, how do you work through your technology issues?