Kognitio: A Lesson in Customizing the Cloud


If you follow computing trends, you know that three of the hottest ones right now are cloud computing, big data and business analytics. The combination of cloud computing, big data and business analytics has incredible potential: the idea that even small companies can take multiple terabytes of data and analyze them for trends that will enable them and their customers to do business more rapidly, more competitively and more profitably—at a price point far less than the cost of spinning up a complete infrastructure themselves.

One of the companies leading the cloud computing, big data solutions and business intelligence charge is Kognitio. But while Kognitio previously hosted all of their clients’ data at their main office in England, they realized that as they expanded in North America, they needed a reliable technology partner that would allow them to concentrate on making their software as powerful as possible. Kognitio wanted a partner that would provide them with state-of-the-art data center capabilities and the “always-on” service that their clients demand.

After checking out several firms, Kognitio decided to host their Kognitio Cloud service in North America with Windstream Hosted Solutions. This was especially important for Kognitio’s customers who wanted their infrastructure to be hosted on a private cloud; knowing not all data could reside in a public cloud setting. There were matters of regulatory compliance across multiple vertical industries of course, while some companies just felt more comfortable having their data hosted in a unique setting.

“Security was a paramount consideration for us, and Windstream Hosted Solutions helped us deliver that capability in private cloud configurations to our clients,” says Michael Hiskey, Kognitio’s vice-president of marketing and business development. “For us to achieve SSAE-16 compliance would have required a significant investment. We’d rather spend our time and money focusing on our core competency; Windstream has enabled us to do just that.”

Windstream was able to meet Kognitio’s requirements. The company was a pioneer in developing hybrid cloud configurations and offers a complete range of options, from public to private. Each cloud option is designed to provide the significant level of security required by companies of all sizes to protect their infrastructure and data from unauthorized access. Windstream Hosted Solutions also offers Cloud Storage solutions, making it possible for companies to easily store corporate-critical information without the usual hassles associated with handling configuration and scalability issues.

We think the lessons here are rather simple: cloud technology and solutions continue to rapidly evolve, enabling more companies to do more incredible things than ever before. But even the most advanced technology needs reliable underpinnings, like security. Kognitio understands that. And so do thousands of other companies coast to coast who rely on Windstream Hosted Solutions every day.