External Hard Drives Are Not Enough - Why Small Businesses Need to Consider the Cloud


It wasn't too long ago that small businesses were encouraged to move files and data from internal hard drive storage to external hard drive storage. Now many small businesses are faced with another storage decision—do they continue with the older technology or is it time to make the switch to the cloud?

To put it simply—external hard drives are not business grade. With the dangers of theft and security compromises lurking, coupled with needs for greater data storage capacity and the need for accessing files from anywhere-even small businesses must consider online data backup via a cloud solution.

Using cloud storage is an easy and affordable way to protect critical data. The top three reasons our small business customers switch to data storage in the cloud, include:

  1. Accessibility. Nowadays, small business owners are working extended hours, often seven days a week, and need to access files from home, at work, and on the go. The ability for people to access their files and data wherever there is an Internet connection is important because it offers more flexibility and allows business owners and operators to upload, retrieve and share data without having to worry about having their external hard drive with them.
  2. Storage Capacity and Maintenance. When storing data in the cloud, you're not limited to the space available on your hard drive. The scalability and elasticity you get by storing information in an offsite data center allows you to easily adjust the amount of space you need. So you only pay for what you use. Another major benefit for any business is our set-it and forget-it functionality which allows you to define which files and folders you want automatically backed up and how often; daily, weekly or monthly. Maintenance responsibility, such as backup, data replication and installation of the latest software updates, is provided by Windstream's team of experts—so you can focus on your core business, while the IT professionals work for you.
  3. Security. Since cloud technology is virtual infrastructure for users, customers don't have to worry about the physical security of the storage hardware. With physical hard drives, the major security concerns are that they could be misplaced, stolen or even destroyed. Data centers have enterprise-grade network security to protect against potential breaches, which will keep your critical information safe.

Having a better, stronger data storage solution is critical to your business's ability to stay up and running. Whether you are dealing with natural disasters, fires or theft, your data is always protected and available to you from any location with Internet connectivity. Windstream offers the most affordable cloud computing solutions to help make the transition from external hard drives to cloud storage easier for your business.

Do you work at a small business that has transitioned to cloud storage? If not, is it a priority for you over the next 12 months? Share your stories with us.