WINNING Numbers: 100,000 Miles of Fiber Means 100,000 Miles of Quality Connections


Meeting customers’ technology needs today and in the future is a Windstream priority, and the recent acquisition of PAETEC aligns with that focus. How? The acquisition allowed Windstream to significantly increase fiber route miles, ultimately helping businesses across the country operate more efficiently. Our newest WINing Numbers blog is dedicated to this vital advantage—our nationwide fiber-optic network spanning more than 100,000 route miles across the country. With an unparalleled mixture of metro, long-haul and diverse routes, Windstream’s fiber network delivers high-capacity capabilities and a robust portfolio of advanced data, voice and network services that are dependable and provide value to customers—whether you’re looking to build into a facility or expand your current network.

Windstream customers depend on our 100,000+ route miles of fiber as a critical component of their businesses. The major benefit that enterprises are seeing from Windstream’s expanded fiber network is that the infrastructure—when overlaid with our business communication solutions—provides a higher quality, more efficient, and more reliable overall experience. Businesses may have different needs, but they all depend on the network’s operability on a daily basis. By intelligently combining our vast fiber footprint with the latest electronics we create customer networks that are scalable to address any bandwidth or routing requirement.

Along with support from the employees in our Network Operations Centers—who provide 24-hour support, 365 days a year—our nationwide fiber network allows businesses to directly connect to our data centers dispersed throughout the country to support business continuity plans.

Furthermore, our sophisticated network delivery architecture supports rapid introduction of next generation services for evolving businesses. The result?  Windstream brings more opportunities for technology innovation, cost savings, and productivity improvements. Businesses that make the leap to deploy advanced services yield true business advantages immediately and are better prepared to harness the next wave of technology innovations. 

With virtually unlimited bandwidth potential that is easily scalable to growth, coupled with Windstream’s superior communication services, businesses can continue to rely on higher quality, efficiency, and reliable experiences that are critical to growing technology needs—today and in the future.

Does your business depend on copper or fiber for bandwidth? Do you see fiber services as being part of your organization’s future? Why or why not?