WINNING Numbers: A Look Inside Windstream


The year 2012 is going to look quite different for Windstream compared to previous years. With the acquisition of PAETEC completed in December 2011, we now have a shifted focus. Windstream began as a primarily residential-focused ILEC just five years ago, and has evolved into a nationwide enterprise-focused communications services provider. In fact, our business customers include 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

As a way to introduce you to the new and improved Windstream, we are kicking off a series on our blog titled, “WINning Numbers,” which will focus on the statistics and figures that define Windstream, as well as the benefits that we offer our customers and partners.

It’s no secret that mergers and acquisitions have been critical to helping Windstream grow. By integrating PAETEC’s high-quality services and clientele, we are now a company that boasts 450,000 business customers. These organizations take advantage of a complete spectrum of products and services that range from cloud, data center, disaster recovery and managed services, to data, voice, and network solutions, such as Ethernet and MPLS network infrastructure.

The 450,000 business customers that we work with today cross a variety of different industries. From higher education to government to financial institutions and healthcare organizations, Windstream is able to provide solutions for  every business, no matter the size, location, or unique capabilities they require. Whether it’s a small business that is looking to install a hosted or VoIP PBX system to the multi-location enterprise looking to outsource its data center requirements—we are a company that can fulfill any customer need and we have the experience and knowledge to back up that claim.

With a nationwide network and product portfolio that cover the gamut of communications and IT services, Windstream, now more than ever, is able to provide the smart solutions and personalized service that we promise to our customers.