How state agencies connect with MPLS networking


Kentuckians will tell you there’s a lot to love about their state, from the bluegrass to its high quality of living.  But they may not tell you about how public schools, colleges, and businesses throughout the Commonwealth are connected through an advanced, flexible telecommunications network that rivals anything you’ll see in other states.  Windstream helped design and implement that network, though, so we will.

Community and technical colleges, and state agencies throughout Kentucky have been linked together for the last five years, through an MPLS network.   It gives students an incredible advantage, allowing them to take advantage of distance-based learning.  For instance, students in a classroom in Hazzard can see a professor delivering a lecture from a classroom in Louisville, hundreds of miles away.  And since they’re linked by both audio and video, they can engage in live-time discussions.  

MPLS networks can deliver data, video and voice traffic far more efficiently and reliably than through traditional implementations.  In Kentucky, it’s paying significant dividends; the state’s Center for Rural Development touts its technology advantage on its website, citing its statewide, state-of-the-art networking infrastructure that delivers equal access to education resources, and more.  As the website says, it can help deliver the “unprecedented access and connectivity that can position you at the top of today’s high-tech marketplace.”

Other states have discovered the benefits of a distributed MPLS network to handle their data, voice and video.  In Nebraska, a number of state agencies are taking advantage of the common infrastructure to set up multiple VPNs.  Each has its own level of access and security, but they’re administered through the single network, at a fraction of the cost of multiple dedicated networks.  Moreover, each agency can quickly expand as its needs evolve, since MPLS networks are designed with flexibility at their core.

All of this delivers solid benefits, such as cost savings, additional features and security, coupled with the flexibility of VPNs.  What works for Kentucky, obviously, works for other state agencies nationally, as well as companies with multiple locations.

You don’t have to be a huge company or statewide agency to take advantage of MPLS, of course; many smaller firms have already done so, seeing significant benefits to increased productivity, and lower costs.  At Windstream we’re proud to connect companies and help them work smarter, and we can help your business too.