Hosted VoIP Increasing Among Small Businesses


Enterprise companies have known about and taken advantage of managed services for some time.  As we’ve previously noted, that trend is changing, with more small- and mid-sized businesses investigating the benefits of having a third party host their network or manage their storage, network security and more.

But managed VoIP telephony has always been something of a holdout among smaller companies.  Big companies routinely implement VoIP-based phone systems that combine voice and data across one network.  The capital expenditures required, though, have prevented many smaller companies from taking the plunge.  In addition, some firms wanted their PBX onsite in case of a business continuity threat.

Now, however, a new report from the Aberdeen Group says that’s increasingly no longer the case.  Hosted VoIP systems are clearly moving into the mainstream, it says, especially among smaller businesses.  The report surveyed more than 100 organizations, and found that one-third have already outsourced their VoIP systems, with another 35 percent planning to do so over the next two years.

Lower CapEx and OpEx costs are a major factor, of course. At Windstream, our hosted VoIP and data bundle delivers a solid set of benefits to companies of all sizes, including scalability, quality of service, voice prioritization…and lower costs, as well.  Plus, many of our customers find that by letting us handle their voice and data network requirements, we allow them to concentrate on what they do best.  In other words, it’s a win-win for everyone.