Windstream celebrates data center expansion with soccer star Abby Wambach


If the name Abby Wambach means anything to you, bravo:  you’re a solid soccer fan.  For those of you who didn’t recognize her name right off the top, she is an Olympic gold medalist, player and coach.  During the 2011 World Cup tournament, her header in stoppage time against Brazil gave the US team the spark it needed to win, and advance to the Final Four.  And she’s also been named as the U.S. Soccer Federation’s Athlete of the Year.  In short, she’s a champion.

We don’t share this with you just because we’re fans (although we are).  We tell you this because Abby’s going to be our special guest of honor, joining us tomorrow to mark the formal expansion of our Raleigh data center.

The Raleigh expansion is our third in recent months, following the expansion of our Boston center, and the opening of our third data center in Charlotte.  It’s indicative of our commitment to the markets we serve and our customers.   Cloud computing is the reason why:  more companies have come to understand the value that cloud-based infrastructures can offer their firms…allowing them to take care of their technical challenges at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time…allowing them to concentrate more on their core competencies, and enabling them to focus less on the technical stuff they’ll need to make it happen.

Great players like Abby learn to anticipate the action, and flow to where the ball is going to be, rather than where it is.  We’d like to think we’ve taken the same approach at Windstream Hosted Solutions.  We’re committing significant resources toward upgrading our data centers, so that we can handle what we believe will be a coming, and steady, growth in the number of companies who want the business benefits that cloud computing can deliver, from individual managed services to a complete outsourcing of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

As busy as we are now, we anticipate we’ll be even busier once we close on our planned acquisition of PAETEC; our combined company will have 20 data centers nationwide.  And we’ll continue to work with both small- to mid-size businesses as well as large Fortune 500 companies, providing enterprise-class managed hosting solutions for data storage, cloud computing, network and security, OS management and middleware service management, DBA services and disaster recovery.

We’re approaching all of this with a strategic mindset and anticipating the action.