The Ultra-Simple Rule of Success

If you had to summarize the buzz on the news over this past week, it might be the “4S” and “999”. This past week, Apple’s iPhone 4S had the biggest sales day in their history. And turn on any political talk show and see presidential candidate Herman Cain talking about his 9-9-9 tax plan. Without necessarily endorsing either, our society is intrigued by an incredibly easy mobile phone with a single button on the front, and a tax code that is three digits long rather than dozens of volumes of text.

Both are rooted in a powerful principle that drives human behavior: we want things simple. We need things simple. Every day we’re bombarded by millions of points of random stimuli and consequently crave simplicity to conserve the processing power in our brains. We’re drawn to that simplicity like a moth to a light. And far too often, marketers and politicians do the opposite. They want promote additional functions. New mobile phone buttons and complex tax rules.

Perhaps the concept of simplicity is the key to success whether you’re a marketer, design engineer, or politician. Make whatever you’re doing ultra-easy and people will line up.

At Windstream, we’ve taken “the simple rule” as the foundation of our business. Whether it’s calling into Customer Care and having another human being answer the phone 24-hours per day, or our Simple bundles offering phones, service and Internet.

Our customers want it simple. They have businesses to run and don’t need to worry about communications. They should just work.

It’s just that simple.