Small businesses have big technology demands


I have a good friend who runs what just about anyone would consider to be a small business. But it’s certainly not small to him; it’s his livelihood, and the information that’s at the core of his company is what keeps him in business.

His ability to respond quickly and appear much bigger to his customers than his sheer size would indicate are also imperatives. And like companies much larger than his, what worked for him a couple of years ago, is no longer adequate in meeting the demands of his clients.

For instance, Internet speeds. There was a time not too long ago that for small businesses and home users, a T-1 was considered to be something of the Holy Grail. These days, small businesses are demanding even faster Internet speeds and more robust capabilities.

And that’s because the needs have changed. Video conferencing is utilized far more than it was then, and the demands of video require higher throughput to avoid the choppy, interrupted reception so common in earlier days. With more companies utilizing online backup, higher throughput is needed to rapidly store and update key information in the cloud.

Which is why Windstream is making faster Internet speeds of up to 24Mbps down and 4 Mbps up available to small- and mid-sized businesses in select markets at a cost that would have been simply unthinkable a couple of years ago. With those higher speeds, my friend can reduce his download times by half, conduct video calls with business associates half a world away, continuously upload his latest data to his online data protection provider, and more. The result is that he’s more efficient than ever, and more productive as well.

Business owners know that the tools required to do business in today’s marketplace are constantly evolving, and that what may seem like a pipe dream today will be a reality tomorrow. At Windstream, we know that as well, and we’re constantly working to provide our customers with a complete range of technology solutions at an incredible value, backed by a reliable network and superior customer service. After all, it’s our livelihood as well.