Running Effective Webinar Presentations

Webinars can be used as key sales tools, if run and managed effectively. So, if you are thinking of running a Webinar, or improving your existing Webinar format, here are a few quick tips to help increase attendance, engage participants, and drive sales.

  1. Feature the benefits of your product or service in the invitation with a quick and easy way to register.
  2. Send out a reminder e-mail twice before the Webinar; one a day before and one an hour before.
  3. Meet with the presenter(s) a few days before the Webinar to prepare and review the content.
  4. Dial-in to the Webinar at least 30 minutes before the start time to test the audio and Web, quickly review the presentation one last time, and mentally prepare for the upcoming event. Also, make sure all other programs on your PC are shut down, cell phones are silenced, and office doors are closed.
  5. Send chat messages to participants, welcoming them to the event and letting them know the Webinar will begin shortly.
  6. Advise the audience at the beginning of the Webinar on how and when the questions will be addressed.
  7. Try to answer as many questions as possible and encourage participants to submit their questions.
  8. Send a follow-up e-mail to all those that registered and attended the event with a link to more information and the Webinar recording.
  9. Engage your internal sales force or telesales team to follow up with each and every registrant to help continue the sales process.
  10. Use Web analytics to track registrants and attendees and also follow up with your field representatives. It is important to identify how many leads you have helped generate to gauge the success of your program or help improve the process for the future.

Best of luck with your upcoming Webinar!