Are You a Social Media Junkie?


Okay….this week’s blog is going to be a little bit different.  Usually, we take this space to post our thoughts about a trend in the industry, or to react to some news item that we’ve seen.

This time, we want to hear about what you think.  And we want to hear from you in our survey of social media use.

The use of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook has skyrocketed, and business users are a significant part of that growth.  Check virtually any ad, online or in print, and see if the company doesn’t invite you to check out their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.  LinkedIn, meanwhile, has become a virtual “must-have” for people seeking more information about potential business partners, or to make an introduction…so that they can turn a cold call into a warm call.

Some companies have even essentially abandoned their traditional websites, in favor of setting up a Facebook page, where they can directly interact with people who “like” them.  And many companies have a Twitter account, where real-time conversations are taking place.

Of course, Windstream participates in social media as well. On Twitter, follow us at@WindstreamBiz and @WINHosted.  Our Facebook page can be found at “Windstream Business;” and you can check out our company profile on YouTube or LinkedIn.

Today, though, we’d like you to take a quick three-minute survey about your use of social media. Please give us your feedback, and as always, we’ll keep your name and email address private.